BEST Institute for vocational training and personal training GmbH

BEST - Consultancy, Development, Strategies & Training

Experience as a Basis for Innovation

“BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH” (“BEST Institute of Continuous Vocational Qualification Training and Personnel Training Ltd”) – in short, BEST – is a private institute that has been providing its customers with effective support in personnel-related matters for more than 25 years now, with special emphasis on Training & Continuous Trainingas well as on Training & Coaching“.

In the course of a continuous process of further development, as well as within the framework of numerous projects and both national and international partnerships, BEST has gradually also become involved in tackling HR issues that go beyond the scope of career development.

Nowadays, our market position is that of a human resources partner with an integrated approach, with the following areas of project activity

  • Recruiting
  • Training & Coaching
  • Employee Surveys
  • Performance & Potential
  • Personnel Services


Our approach, which is based on tailored, high-quality solutions, ensures the utmost benefit for our customers.