BEST Institute for vocational training and personal training GmbH

The origins of BEST date back to 1984, when the Ministry of Social Affairs commissioned a study of the assistance and training provided for job seekers. A year later, the “Österreichische Gesellschaft für Arbeit” (“Austrian Employment Society”) was founded as a forerunner of the private institute.

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BEST was one of the first Austrian institutes of continuous training to offer Courses and Trainings aiming for both professional qualifications and personality development. This is how the name BEST was coined, as an abbreviation for “Vocational and Self-Awareness Training”. Since 1986, BEST has been an integral part of the field of continuous training in Austria.

Commitment to Europe

It was already at an early stage that BEST adopted a general European perspective. Shortly after the fall of the Wall training courses were held in East Berlin with a view to ensuring adaptation to the new economic system. Since Austria became an EU member, BEST has been continuously engaged in the implementation of more than 120 International education projects.

Towards a Better Market Position through Strategic Partnership

In March 2005 the managing partners of the consultancy firm GCN General Consulting Network GmbH based in Bregenz have been majority shareholders at BEST. This has considerably enhanced BEST’s competence, its flexibility and its ability to act, thus contributing to its success as an HR partner with an integrated approach

BEST as an HR Partner with an Integrated Approach

Since the beginning of 2006 BEST has been gradually gaining ground in the field of HR issues that go beyond the scope of career development. In May 2007 BEST Personal-Service GmbH (BEST Employment Services Ltd) was established, which now also enables us to provide active support in the field of personnel provision and recruitment.