C-Xtra EU retention and guidance website for students and tutors

Learners' retention on vocationally related courses is an issue across the EU.

Therefore, this project aims at transferring an innovative web-based questionnaire and toolkit, developed in the UK, across the EU to improve learner retention rates in Colleges and Learning Providers. C-Xtra UK offers tutors, guidance professionals, and learners' questions, advice and guidance on a range of key retention issues. The product has been established in the UK, through research, trials with over 400 students with subsequent roll out to a range of Colleges and Providers; the product won a UK National Careers Award in October 2007 for research and innovation. The toolkit is available on-line via an established website and will be distributed in four partner countries. The project enables an intercultural dialogue which makes the website specific to cultural and pedagogical needs for each of the countries involved, alongside the establishment of a core EU toolkit which can be added to in the future to engage further partners across the EU. Involving partners in Austria, Sweden and Portugal offers a broad cultural sweep of retention issues, differing rates of retention, and best practice per country, which will inform the development of C-Xtra EU.

This innovative project aims to identify students ‘at risk' of dropping out of vocational education and training and give them and their tutors quality online advice and guidance.

C-Xtra EU Video:

EU-Program: Leonardo da Vinci
Coordination: CX Ltd and Careers Europe, UK
Contact: Karin Kronika, Helmut Kronika
Duration: November 2008 - October 2010
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