European Network for Assessment, Validation and Dissemination of Gender Mainstreaming Strategies in Vocational Guidance and Qualification

The implementation of gender mainstreaming for the promotion of equal opportunities in the labour market is a declared objective in the European labour policy.

GenderNet is a network promoting the European dimension and co-operation in the assessment of gender mainstreaming strategies, methods and materials. It is a platform for vocational qualification and guidance organisations, counsellors and for other actors in this field at national and transnational levels.

The aims of GenderNet

  • Establish a structure of partners and expert institutions. The aim is to facilitate the collection, analysis and exchange of best practise in gender mainstreaming approach.
  • Survey gender mainstreaming approaches in completed and current Leonardo da Vinci, ESF and other Community funded projects and in national practise (National Employment Plans etc.).
  • Identify themes of interest: The network focuses on the most innovative and/or efficient gender sensitive projects, materials or methods, indicates areas with deficits and necessity for future development and anticipates trends and skills requirements.
  • Evaluate and validate innovatory practise/projects.
  • Create an ICT platform to facilitate the access to network contents.
  • Disseminate the activities and results in order to ensure a sustainable impact of the network activities and results at the widest European level.
Coordination: BEST
Contact: Karin Kronika
Duration: December 2002 - November 2005
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