Background and target groups

According to current statistics (e.g. EUROSTAT), unemployment rates among young people in Europe are even higher than rates for average unemployment. This affects particularly countries like France and Spain in a very strong way. However, at the same time there is a demand for specialists and qualified staff in many EU-countries. Therefore, a lack of mobility can reduce possibilities for workers to find a job in other EU-countries and also for EU-countries having enough staff at their disposal.

A lack of mobility can generally also be traced back to the fact that young people miss a sense for the “European Community” or don’t accept cultural differences, especially in terms of bringing enrichment for Europe. Also, very often companies are not aware of the added value of mobility within Europe.

Main objectives

The MOVE project aims at strengthening the competences of people from different vocational fields with regards to European mobility and work within European networks in order to facilitate better counselling in this area and with the aim of reducing the unemployment and social exclusion of young people.

EU-Program: Grundtvig Partnership
Coordination: Mission Locale Jeunes des Pyrénées-Orientales (FRA)
Contact: Karin Kronika
Duration: August 2012 –July 2014
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