BEST Institute for vocational training and personal training GmbH
December 2015

4th transnational meeting of the European Project „MYBUSINESS“

The 4th transnational meeting of the european project „MYBUSINESS – Empowering entrepreneurial skills and unleashing potential of unemployed seniors“ took place on 17th and 18th of december at the BEST location Dörfelstraße in Austria, Vienna. Partners from Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Romania und Spain took part.

Actually the partnership is finalising an innovative and custom-made training – the Senior Entrepreneur Action Programme, a training to enlarge entrepreneurship competences. The programme will be a pilot test in Austria, Greece and Ireland. Unemployed senior workes take part who want to try to achieve their self confidence and their entrepreneurship competences.

For further information about the MYBUSINESS-Prject please vitis or or write a message to

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