BEST Institute for vocational training and personal training GmbH
September 2020

Press release 3 – Project Courage

COURAGE project (Discover and Use Your Skills and Civil Courage) is heading towards the end of its implementation period. In the last months, the pilot phase has tested with beneficiaries (adult learners) the efficacy of the 51 practical scenarios. In the five participating counties a total of 47 trainers have taken part to the delivery of the training (UK 3, RO 14, NO 4, DE 4, AT 22) reaching and educating a total of 354 learners (UK 35, RO 96, NO 35, DE 48, AT 140). This activity has led to the creation of the Courage showcases, a visual support on how the COURAGE educational material can be actually used.

In addition, the consortium has elaborated the Civic Courage Policy and implementation recommendations which are the outcome of the synergic work of the partners along with the associates involved in the project and the trainers, as well as the beneficiaries of the testing phase. The Recommendations suggest to stakeholder, to decision and policy makers the attention to be given so as to effectively consider courage as a life skill which can be taught and empowered in people.

Covid 19 lockdown period and its following required social distancing has limited the freedom to organise face to face dissemination events which, in some countries, have taken place online. However, all the developed material can be browsed and downloaded from the web site and used in various adult education contexts (

Overall, the consortium is highly satisfied about the outcome of the project. Indeed, the welcoming of the initiative, the enthusiasm shown during the piloting phase, the deep reflections generated over the topic on behalf of trainers and learners, are indicators of the good impact achieved in these two years of operation.

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