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July 2021

Press release – Project Wake UP!

A comprehensive and thematic Erasmus plus project is nearing its finalization

The WakeUp project with its 8 partners from Germany, North Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Austria, UK, Czech Republic and Norway has developed over 80 workshops and teaching tools, all of them are freely available.

You can find a list here on the learning platform: Wake UP! Young Europeans becoming Change Makers for a better Europe (

Young people are being encouraged to start volunteering and make real changes to their communities thanks to the Wake UP! Project.

Through training and workshops, young people are motivated and supported to develop their own ideas so they run and deliver volunteering projects.

Successful examples so far include climate change demonstrations, integration projects for refugees, human rights workshops and campaigns to encourage young people to vote.

Through Wake UP! young people learn how:

  • to be a positive force for good in their communities
  • to get reliable information and support to develop their ideas and own projects or start their own initiative
  • to be heard so their ideas can be taken seriously
  • to motivate others and work with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • European society works and the importance of democracy and volunteering
  • Teachers, trainers and youth workers can also use Wake UP! Resources in their own work to encourage young people to become active citizens.

Together we have reached over several thousand people across Europe via social media, events, workshops, meetings and seminars. Find more details information on our webpage:

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