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’’Enhance your digital skills’’ – a call to action for all European citizens and every individual living in Europe to learn new skills, both basic and advanced. Read more about the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 that are implemented 13 May till 31 May 2024:
Paint the Bit online courses are available. Access now for free any of the subjects: Use of digital tools, Digital Marketing Strategies, Artistic Project Management, Financial Planning for Artists, Entrepreneurial Skills Development, Creative collaboration, Digital Security for Artists, Autonomous learning and creativity, Promotion and Digital Distribution, Collaboration and Creative Process Monitoring, Digital Security and Blockchain. We have courses in English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian.
What do latest US surveys suggest digital artists should know and be able to do to perform well in their profession? Read more about 2024 skills for you here:
While Paint the Bit is working on the virtual learning environment, take the time to improve your marketing skills with the app It offers free access to a short training course.
23 municipalities in the Salzkammergut (Austria), alongside Tartu (Estonia) and Bodø (Norway) form the European Capitals of Culture 2024 and offer many events for artists and people who are in the cultural scene, as well as their fans. Find out more about the Salzkammergut here:
January 2024: Paint the Bit is calling artists – new professionals in the creative and culture scene – to join the first participation at our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and co-work on the Specialised Digital/Virtual Courses, participate eventually also in peer-to-peer learning is another option. Get in touch with the project partners to learn more! There is an event organised in Palma from 8th-12th of April 2024. Participation number is limited, so get in touch with the project partner in your country to learn more about this opportunity:
The European Parliament published on June 14, 2023 amendments to the proposal for the European AI Act. AI enters our daily lives. This is also true for artists. AI enters into their work when it comes to administrative to creative tasks, whenever they use AI. When it comes to creativity, this also raises issues regarding the ownership of the artwork. IAA Europe and European visual artists’ organisations point out the need for transparency obligations for AI systems, particularly labelling of deep fake content. Learn more on this at
The Paint the Bit partnership has developed a curriculum for VET providers with details on staged VET methodology considering MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – for open and informal learning, Blended training within formal and non-formal work based learning considerations, as well as Peer-to-peer learning principles. The curriculum will be piloted by the project partners in the next months.
One of our courses reflects on cyber security for artists. While we are finalising the course details, become aware of the importance. We can recommend to read what other artists have experienced already:
You are an artist looking for opportunities to exhibit or perform in Austria, France or Spain? Check out the Young Artists Empowerment Network that is publishing some details and possibilities you could try and get in contact with peers:
Get insight into the Paint the Bit Learning Outcomes. We prepared for some 23 Courses details that show you what you should be able to know or do once you completed the courses. The courses are being peer reviewed and training in July will help in finalising all related details.

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More Information

As an artist it is very important to know about copyright data management and how to deal with related challenges. An EU study highlights and reviews the role of technology in managing rights, licensing, and collecting and distributing the remuneration in the creative sectors. Go to the study:
We have closed our first project result at the partner meeting in Paris, October 2022. Find the translations here.
An interesting article about the development of Artificial intelligence and what are the rules proposed from the EU about the develop of AI:
The internet of things (IoT): policy; Edge computing; research, development and innovation; sector.
What is MAAP? What is the aims of this plan?
EU’s goal for Europe in 2030.
What is digital inclusion? Everything you should know is here:
Web3 is supposed to end the Web 2.0 era.
The idea is that Web3 technology will create a fair, democratic and decentralised internet in which people regain control over their data and identity. Critical opinions, however, point out that many regulatory issues remain unresolved and, last but not least, software bugs make cryptocurrencies and blockchains vulnerable to manipulation. So, we need to wait to see more in the near future.
There is also a Europe-wide initiative for performing artists, the European Theatre Initiative. The European Theatre Forum is a regular event for interested artists to follow. Read more about this at:
Music Moves Europe – when it comes to market potential, the music sector is estimated to have the largest audience in the European culture and creative sector. Read more about the intended music approach for Europe here:
Our work related to the design and development of the Paint the Bit curricula for vocational education and training consists of presenting Learning Outcomes (i.e. Knowledge, Skills/Competences and Autonomy & Responsibility related information), our suggested training methodology, as well as validation information for future standardisation purposes. All these elements are based on the core aspect of change generated by digitisation in the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) and effects on artists’ skills needs to create and distribute their oeuvres and performances in new ways and formats.
More about Media Literacy and events, like awards, organised by the European Commission, find here:
You are interested in networking? Find our contacts here. Another network we may suggest to check as an artist providing different insight into finance topics e.g. is the ECHN – Creative Hub with its project on crowd funding:
For artists, knowledge about their rights as owners or producers of artwork is an important asset. The public stakeholder sites here provided basic entry information to our research:
For RETHINKING ARTISTIC AND CREATIVE COMPETENCES AND JOB PROFILES IN A RENEWED LABOUR MARKET the Paint the Bit partnership provides suggestions on emerging job profiles in the Cultural and Creative Sector.

Culture Action Europe organised Europe Day #22: on May 9th. Find the programme and an event description here:

Meeting Stakeholders, Artists and Training Providers in our Paint the Bit partner countries is on our daily calendar. There are also bigger events that we follow, like e.g. the ones updated by the European Commission on the website:

The Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) needs people with entrepreneurial mind-set open towards innovation. European experts published a report on these topics you can download at

Find a market analysis here:

Another study called “Rebuilding Europe: the cultural and creative economy before and after COVID-19” which was published by EY shows figures behind Europe’s cultural and creative economy sector before the pandemic, as well as effects of it:

One of the major data resources can be accessed at
The main concern of the project is how the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) can act beyond the COVID-19 crisis. The project partnership has organised several research steps to find out more about the situation today, to gather input from further experts on trends regarding new market opportunities, social effects of the pandemic years that currently influence this sector and latest ICT development for content creation, distribution and IP security.

We have opened our social media channel. You can visit it directly via this website and follow our news:

French Collective GXRLS Revolution Aims to Bring More Women Into NFT Art
In the fourth arrondissement of Paris, a few steps from Place de la Bastille, a small revolution is underway in the world of NFT art.
Opening the week of International Women’s Day, the NFT exhibition “I am…” became a hub where artists, visitors, and collectors could gather to dive deep into the crypto-art world
By promoting female artists only, GXRLS Revolution wants to compensate for the lack of visibility they usually suffer from.


104factory, the Parisian incubator serving the Cultural and Creative Industries
Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a place for meetings, artistic practices and training for companies in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI).
“When you enter the space, you feel a singular energy. The energy of creation”, says Marialya Bestougeff, Director of Innovation at CENTQUATRE-PARIS. Partly financed by the City of Paris, the third-location centre opened in 2008 as a space for art, culture and innovation, free of charge and open to all. “The idea was to create a place where different populations could come together, artists, entrepreneurs, young people and so on”, says the Innovation Director. While some people go there to create, rehearse and meet new artists, stroll through the large bookshop or the various responsible businesses, others go there to develop their business. Sixteen of them are currently incubated at the 104factory, representing around 90 people.


Immersion Art (Paris)
In Île-de-France, the “Immersion Art” program has been developed around the immersive digital exhibitions presented at the Atelier des Lumières. In 2023, the program is designed around the exhibition Chagall, Paris – New York.
This is a national program designed to promote access to artistic and cultural education, using the potential of immersive digital art as a means of transmission. Every year, nearly 7,000 children aged 5 to 12 take part in the program. This year, in the Île-de-France region, the project’s educational and creative content is linked to the immersive digital exhibition “Chagall, Paris – New York” presented at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris. “Immersion Art” is a multi-stage program that introduces children to an artist’s world in a fun and original way, creating a close relationship with his or her work and awakening their creativity and curiosity, while promoting learning.


Focus: The Digital Museum in Paris is a gateway to the diversity of humanity’s treasures
This virtual gallery encourages curiosity, is aimed at all publics, and is a real tool for artistic and cultural education: fine arts, architecture, scientific culture, performing arts…
The Digital Museum brings the treasures of France’s leading art institutions and all partners institutions right to your doorstep. Digitized in very high definition, the works in this eclectic gallery amaze, surprise and challenge. This easy-to-access museum can be a first stop before visiting neighboring institutions. The Digital Museum is available in several languages. Created thanks to the participation of 12 founding national institutions, the Digital Museum is enriched each year by 3 to 4 new collections, each comprising an average of 250 to 400 masterpieces.Link:
Auction House Sotheby’s Launching Blockchain Program for Generative Artists

Sotheby’s, the oldest fine art auction house in the world, is launching a blockchain-based program for generative artists called the Gen Art Program.

Sotheby’s will feature the work of two to three generative artists each year in fully on-chain auctions using the generative asset creator Art Blocks Engine.

The first-ever auction for the program will take place on July 26, 2023, where 500 pieces from generative artist Vera Molnár will be auctioned. Only Ether (ETH) payments will be accepted, and the sale will take place entirely on-chain using the auction house’s curated NFT platform Sotheby’s Metaverse.


The Paint the Bit partnership is organising several online meetings to discuss the first project tasks. Ranging from transversal aspects like how to manage the project and how to promote it, the most important refer to the analysis of needs for the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS).

If you are also interested in meeting us, please check out our partner contacts.

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