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Tools to help teachers develop, mobilize and valorize transversal competences among their learners, as requested by companies


In a scenario of world wide economic crisis, companies must be more competitive to survive. They require qualified workers, able to develop their professional competences in the company’s context. So far, VET Systems have focused on training their students on technical fields, leaving apart the use of this knowledge in the “special” production contexts of companies. However, it is necessary to get a correspondence between the qualification offer made by the VET systems and the real needs of companies.

Teachers’ roles must change, as they are not as much knowledge transmitters as mediators of knowledge between the educational & the labour world. But in effect 80% of teachers do not have any experience with working in/with companies. This is why they do not know the context workers should work in (performance, stress, pressure, competitiveness).

Aims and target group

The NTNC project aims at offering pedagogical tools to teachers needed to train their learners in the area of non formal and informal competences required in companies.

The main object is the creation of new teaching and learning scenarios, techniques and methodologies allowing teachers to develop, transfer and valorise in their students the key competences required by companies. They shall learn to apply innovative didactic methods that favour a full adaptation of Vocational Training to the reality of the labour market.


The main outcomes of the project are:

  • didactic resources to qualify trainers in the development, valorisation and the transfer to their learners in terms of teaching informal competences requested by the companies
  • establishment of a two-part NETWORK, composed of representatives from the VET and the productive systems. This shall create permanent communication and exchange channels between teachers & companies and lead to a WIN-WIN process
EU-Program: LLP, Leonardo da Vinci TOI
Coordination: Universidad de Oviedo (ESP)
Contact: Karin Kronika
Duration: October 2011 – September 2013
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.